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Scale New Orleans is a productive coworking space for forward-thinking teams + vibrant individuals.

We exist to provide a collaborative network that inspires creativity, originality, + growth in the city of New Orleans.

At Scale
Who the Heck is Scale?

Scale New Orleans is the cream-of-the-crop coworking community in the Crescent City.

From 3D printing bureau + makerspace in 2019 // to slowing the spread worldwide with our PPE designs in 2020 (yes, really) // to coworking ecosystem in 2023 – Scale New Orleans encapsulates what it takes to be a New Orleanian.

We are focused on building and supporting our community of members and partners.

Our Values

Start with Belief: We operate with grounded optimism in our ability to bring bold, creative visions to life that promote positive change for a brighter tomorrow: economically, environmentally, and culturally.

Celebrate the Work: We approach our work with gratitude and confidence in the services we provide; we profit by creating value, not through self-sacrifice.

Be the Sea, not the Sailor: Every project and person has their own unique challenges to overcome. We adapt smoothly to new environments, driven to reach our goals by flowing around obstacles.

Be Kind + Direct: We build relationships with ourselves and our community by welcoming feedback that supports positive growth.

Speak With One Voice: We communicate as a team and transparently share information from the perspective of our diverse skill sets. This equips us to solve complex problems with precision and integrity.

Learning Never Stops: We take advantage of the knowledge and data available to us in order to make evidence-based decisions and improve our work.

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