Innovator of the Month: boîtier home

Like most people in 2020, boîtier founder, Preston Emory, had to make the switch from working out at the gym to working out in his living room. He continued to notice home-gym equipment juxtaposed against beautiful interior spaces. What Preston really wanted next to his couch and coffee table was furniture, not gym equipment. ⁠⁠boîtier for bike is the first in a line of home-gym furniture that combines form and functionality so your stationary bike never feels out of place. A handle on the side rolls out to reveal the bike, and the shelf on top is perfect for housing anything from yoga mats and free weights to plants and books.⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

Scale Workspace has supported Preston on his journey to bring boîtier for bike to fruition. He began the initial prototyping phase in our creative labs, using the woodworking and machining equipment. Our Innovations team had a hand in the prototyping and refinement of the casters used in the roll out drawer of the cabinet. Preston additionally worked with our marketing team to shoot and produce the photography assets for his website and digital marketing strategy. With Scale’s help, boîtier for bike became available for preorders this past Winter.

“I saw Scale’s workshop for the first time when I was walking down Camp St. and thinking about boîtier. This was when I didn’t know how I would be able to bring this concept to market. I called Scale the next day, got a tour, and became a member. Scale enabled a cycle of iteration that was needed for a new product—it’s the best place in the city for physical product development. I would not have been able to bring boîtier to market without them.”

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