Scale’s Response to COVID 19

In March and April, the cases of COVID-19 in New Orleans spread exponentially. Scale Workspace took the initiative to address the serious issues presented by the supply chain shortages of personal protective equipment, sanitation supplies, and tools for remote workers. With the financial assistance of NCAM – National Center for Advanced Manufacturing, our team produced 100,000 face shields for Ochsner Health Systems.

Serving as a hub for advanced manufacturing research and development, Scale was able to apply their design, rapid prototyping, and advanced manufacturing capabilities to help address our community’s vital needs. Using the engineering proficiency and design knowledge of the Scale community, they were able to rethink how these products are made and distributed by producing them locally. With the understanding that many other communities were in desperate need of these supplies, Scale made the production files available for free online. These face shield files were downloaded and manufactured in 23 countries impacting thousands of lives across the globe.

Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 11.56.33 AM.png

This economic energy was able to create and retain jobs in New Orleans during a time of immense layoffs and business closures. Scale was able to multiply NCAM’s investment 70 times over, injecting revenue back into the New Orleans economy when the city needed it most.

The coronavirus pandemic unveiled how fragile our current manufacturing and supply networks truly are in the face of a crisis. As our region continues to brace against threats in the form of record-setting storms and viral illness, it is time to employ advanced manufacturing to better prepare and equip our region to handle emergencies. By investing in alternative production methods locally, we can work to become experts in managing a crisis to reduce their disruption in our supply chain and our livelihoods.

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