Member of the Month: TrayAway

TrayAway is a New Orleans-based hotel technology company improving the hospitality industry worldwide –  from Hawaii to Saudi Arabia. With one simple click, a TrayAway device will notify hotel staff that a guest is done with their room service and the tray is ready for retrieval. Promptly being able to remove the tray improves staff efficiency and overall hotel cleanliness, giving other guests a heightened first impression. 


The TrayAway device is Wi-Fi enabled and includes a cloud-based platform for employee management and metric tracking. In real-time, users can know the current location and status of all trays and trolleys throughout the hotel, alert hotel staff with instant notifications, and assign specific rooms to individual team members to manage the workload and improve efficiency. This platform also provides users with extensive reporting on all rooms, deliveries, retrieval requests, completion times, average wait times, and more. 


TrayAway launched their digital food and beverage ordering system, WalkIn, last year. WalkinIn is a flexible platform that can help business owners increase revenue and reduce staffing costs while enhancing guests’ dining experience.

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