Member of the Month: Creole Connection

In the dynamic world of art and creativity, those who push boundaries and embrace their journeys deserve recognition and celebration. At Scale New Orleans, we’ve got a superstar member who’s been rocking the scene with her exceptional contributions and remarkable growth. Give it up for Kalli Padgett! An entrepreneurial artist and dancer who’s making waves with her company, Creole Connection.

Sing for Hope New Orleans: Jamming with Public Pianos

Let’s start with one of the coolest projects Creole Connection has been part of lately—Sing for Hope New Orleans. This project is all about reviving old pianos and turning them into cultural treasures. Kalli and the Sing for Hope team hire local artists to jazz up these refurbished pianos with their own unique designs. Once they’re ready to rock, a musical exhibition celebrates their launch into public locations across New Orleans. After their time in the spotlight, these awesome pianos find permanent homes with small businesses and organizations that can cherish the cultural gems.

Momentum: Empowering Artists with Web3

Kalli’s commitment to supporting and uplifting fellow artists shines through in her web3 initiative called Momentum. This is where art collides with emerging technology. Momentum taps into the power of web3 and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to supercharge live performance art in our city. By purchasing a Momentum NFT and “Collecting Culture,” you’re not just getting exclusive access to incredible events—you’re also directly supporting the talented performers who make our jaws drop. Talk about a win-win!

Curating Eccentric Experiences: Our Creative Playground

When it comes to curating the perfect creative atmosphere at Scale New Orleans, Creole Connection is our go-to krewe. Kalli’s eye for spotting exceptional local talent and showcasing their artwork is pure gold. From vibrant paintings to mind-bending sculptures, our workspace is a melting pot of creativity that keeps our community inspired and ready to collaborate. 

Collaborating with the Katrina Museum: Up + Coming

Kalli’s latest project involves teaming up with the Katrina Museum to spice up their programming. By leveraging her artistic skills and expertise, Kalli aims to contribute to the growth and development of the museum, offering visitors meaningful and engaging experiences.  Kalli’s dedication to bringing art to the masses and creating opportunities for everyone to appreciate and enjoy is a true inspiration.

In a Nutshell: Kalli’s Journey at Scale

Kalli Padgett’s journey at Scale New Orleans is a testament to the incredible power of community, creativity, and support. From Sing for Hope to Momentum and her collaboration with the Katrina Museum, Kalli has shown time and again that she’s a force to be reckoned with. Through the resources and partnerships made at Scale, she’s taken her career to new heights, carved out a sustainable living for herself, and blazed a trail for fellow artists to follow. Let her story inspire you to dream big and scale your artistic aspirations!

Raise your paintbrushes and dance shoes to salute Creole Connection and it’s founder, Kalli, our Member of the Month. Cheers to her unstoppable spirit and the incredible impact she’s making on the art scene!

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