Join Matt Candler, Founder of My Next Electric + Night Shift Bikes, for a lunch + learn style workshop to learn why, how, + when to switch each of your vehicles and buildings from gas to electric.

During this Nourish + Flourish workshop you will:
– Get an amazing lunch from Beaucoup Eats (12:00-12:30)
– Learn just enough about electric motors, inverters, and renewable fuels to be dangerous (12:30-1:00)
– Build your own custom timeline for transitioning to an electric life (1:00-1:30)
– Meet and chat with other people that are also interested in the transition to electric life
– Cowork for FREE all day at Scale New Orleans! – Choose “Skill Build + Lunch + Coworking” when purchasing tickets.

About Matt: I’ve been teaching + coaching for 25 years and electrifying vehicles for 15. Making stuff like this fun + easy to understand is my jam. I don’t know it all. But I’m obsessed with creating a space for everyone to learn what they need to save money and live a more joyful life, especially during this messy transition.

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