As a part of NOEW in Your Neighborhood, Fresh Mint Fest is excited to hone in on their #culturetech convo, shining that bright spotlight on our local creators making moves in web3.

This event, #WEB3IRL, produced by Fresh Mint Fest, is one of more than a dozen “NOEW in Your Neighborhood events” that kickoff the NOEW week! NOEW in Your Neighborhood puts the spotlight on leading organizations across the city, who host their own events centered around the NOEW 2023 themes that simultaneously showcase the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. Mark your calendars for Monday, March 27th and Tuesday, March 28th to experience the city of New Orleans through the lens of local neighborhoods and diverse partners who are building connections at the intersection of entrepreneurship, innovation, and culture.

We’ll be at Scale New Orleans Tues March 28th from 5-8pm servin’ up some dranks while we talk-the-talk + walk-the-walk. This is truly web3 in real life, and if you don’t know what that means, even better…come find out!


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PHYGITIZE x Zach Sokolski, Graham Holly, Cheria Scaffidi

The Muses Parade was only about month ago and the Phygitize krewe showed up to explore what the future of Mardi Gras might look like through a web3 lens. Coveted shoe throws were 3D scanned and memorialized on the blockchain, providing a lasting connection between the talented shoe creators and their nimble collectors. Additionally they 3D scanned the crowds dancing in their costumes, and have plans to place everyone into the first Mardi Gras party in AR. They’re calling it the JankyVerse and you better believe, if nothing else the project has that diy NOLA spirit baked into it. Historically archiving and documenting ephemeral art forms such as costuming is definitely a #culturetech collision of beauty. Come scope out the progress of their project and see these digital twins IRL.

STAGES x Lubricated Reasoning

Lubricated Reasoning presents the “Historical Stages Project,” seeded by the Jazz & Heritage Foundation. Honoring and archiving music, art, culture, and historic preservation utilizing multimedia and tech. Hot off the press, they will be screening first looks at their footage spotlighting New Orleans music legends and elders as they share their wisdom and stories from the stages they have dedicated so much of their lives to. As an extension of this beautiful storytelling, they will also hold a live Q&A session with the audience this evening (how lucky are we?!). But wait! There’s more… we’re inviting all our industry friends. We’re not just speaking culture. We’re honoring and archiving it with artists and innovation from a community of entrepreneurs symbiotically working to harness the power of innovation to ignite change! Be part of history by being present, and let’s keep the conversation going.

MOMENTUM x Kalli Padgett

Momentum’s genesis project was launched on January 12th, 2023 as the winner of Nieux Society’s first 5 ETH pitch competition. A collaboration across mediums of music, dance, and installation art, Momentum showcases and encourages education of New Orleans history, critical thinking about city problems & politics, and celebration of our people. These experiences are minted into collectible tokens for sale. The proceeds are applied towards curating the next ‘wave’ of Momentum, and token holders gain exclusive access within experiences as they collect them. Each ‘wave’ is a totally unique experience curated in collaboration between music groups, performers, and visual artists. Paying our local performers the wages they deserve to continue cultivating their art and documenting ownership of their performances is #culturetech in action. Kalli will be exhibiting Momentum’s first wave ever released, and you’ll definitely want to peep the NFT’s from this unprecedented NOLA-born happening. We’re making history y’all!

VIEUX CREATIVE x Zach Sokolski

Imagine a world in which the beautiful public art adorning our everyday environments is able to be viewed from across the globe in all of its three dimensional textural glory. Imagine being able to easily identify and communicate and connect with those artists you appreciate through just a click. Imagine visiting a wall that has had murals painted one over the other for years and viewing that weatherized progression over time. Zach has been 3D scanning public art from New Orleans to Miami and curating AR environments that combine his findings. The archival potential he is touching on is so important and the legs to create new revenue streams for these artists is exciting to say the least. Come check out his latest foray into this frontier and literally step into the artistic portal of the future.

BEING BLACK IN WEB3 x Rosser NFT Gallery

Rosser will be in the house with his curated exhibition BEING BLACK IN WEB3, a sampling of local and global artists’ expressing their experience through the dynamic medium of NFT’s. His gallery’s mission is to empower artists by providing them with the tools, education, and resources necessary to succeed in the art world. In addition to its physical location, Rosser NFT Gallery also offers web3 consultant services, allowing artists to leverage blockchain technology to market and sell their work.


Curious what all the AI fuss is about?? Come play w us in an unforgettable poetry reading composed of AI-generated verses. You’ll provide the prompt > ChatGPT takes the baton delivering rhymes > you perform the spoken word bc humans do this part better, duh. It’s gonna be great. Trust. lol



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