Rapid Prototyping Capabilities

We are dedicated to speeding up your iterative process through the product development cycle by offering quick turnaround times and consistent communication.

3D Printing


Characteristics:  high design freedom, meduim-high resolution, cost effective

Build Volume:  159 x 159 x 295 mm

Best Uses:  strong prototypes + end-use parts

Materials: dark grey Nylon 12, can be dyed black

Metal X

Characteristics:  fully metal parts for complex designs or low-volume production

Build Volume:  300 x 220 x 180 mm

Best Uses: end-use parts where weight is essential

Materials: stainless steel, tool steel, + copper


Characteristics:  high-resolution printing with a large material library

Build Volume:  145 x 145 x 185 mm

Best Uses:  medical devices, detailed end-use parts

Materials: standard, engineering, + biomedical


Characteristics:  strong and stiff parts reinforced for added rigidity

Build Volume:  320 x 132 x 154 mm

Best Uses:  functional prototypes, jigs, grippers, + soft jaws

Materials: black onyx + nylon

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Traditional Fabrication

CNC Milling

Characteristics:  high precision quality for strong, solid materials

Cut Volume:  18 x 11 x 16.25 in

Best Uses: small batches of metal or plastic user-end parts

Materials: aluminum, titanium, hardened steels, alloys, + strong plastics

CNC Routing

Characteristics: accurate and repeatable cuts for large pieces

Cut Volume:  48 x 96 x 5 in

Best Uses: large prototypes, signage, + assemblies

Materials: wood, plastics, and non-ferrous metals

Laser Cutting

Characteristics: quick engraving and cutting for thinner materials

Cut Volume:  20 x 32 x 0.25 in

Best Uses: small prototypes and engraving projects 

Materials: plastics, wood, fabric, glass + ceramic(engraving only) 

Casting + Molding

Characteristics:  molding + casting is a versitile middle ground between 3D printing and injection molding


Characteristics: fast molding to almost any shape with a medium level of detail

Build Volume:  8 x 7.75 in

Best Uses: custom molds 

Materials: PETG, PLA


We offer a variety of post-production services to add the final touches to your custom part.

Our services include: fine-grit sanding, painting, dying, metal plating, + part assembly.

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These quotes are only estimates. Our team will need to review your project for feasibility and additional charges may need to be added.