What are Scale New Orleans membership rates?

Membership Type

Part-Time Flex Seat (10 days per month) – $180/ monthly

Full-Time Flex Seat (full month) – $275/ monthly

Reserved Desk – $440/ monthly

Small Private Office – $1,350/ monthly

Medium Private Office – $2,600/ monthly

Large Private Office – $4,000/ monthly

Associate (3 Full-Time Flex Seats) – $425/ monthly

3-Day Pass (not a membership) – $60


Does a Scale New Orleans membership require a contract?

Yes, all new members are required to sign and hold a contract based on their membership level:

All Flex Seat Memberships – 3-month contract

Reserved Desk Membership – 6-month contract

All Private Office Memberships – 12-month contract

Associate Membership – 12-month contract

After your contract is expired, your membership will automatically transfer to month-to-month. We do encourage members to resign their contract so that they can stay locked into their current membership rate.

What is included in a membership?

Memberships include access to our coworking space with conference rooms and storage, office and prototyping amenities, and the network of talent you need to thrive. We stock our space with basic office supplies for member use, plus our kitchen has plenty of caffeine options and space to heat, store, and enjoy your food.

Our members have free or discounted access to our public events including fireside chats, networking happy hours, and skill-build workshops. We also host members-only events and offsite trips to strengthen community bonds.

Are members allowed to have visitors?

Yes, members are welcome to have visitors in the coworking space and conference rooms up to 2 full days per month, per guest. After 2 days, we request that the guest purchase a day pass or flex membership depending on how often they plan to visit the space.