Scale New Orleans Innovations Team

The Innovations team at Scale New Orleans is composed of multi-disciplined design + fabrication professionals. We offer a range of design and fabrication services tailored to fit you + your business needs.




Rapid Prototyping

3D printing can get complex parts in your hands in just a few days. Our 11 printers offer a variety of techniques and materials to create functional end-use parts. Additive manufacturing is great for producing custom fixtures, soft jaws, + grippers.

CNC machining can efficiently fabricate high-quality parts for your production line or R+D project. Our router can cut large pieces of wood, plastics, and aluminum, while our mill is great for small batch runs of complex steel and plastics parts.

We offer a variety of post-production services to add the final touches to your custom part.

Our services include: fine-grit sanding, painting, dying, metal plating, + part assembly.

You do not need to be a Scale New Orleans member to place an order with us, however there are benefits to membership:

3D printing: Scale New Orleans members get a 20% discount on all print orders and waived fees on rushed turnarounds.

CNC machining: Members get order queue priority and no required order minimum. Parts submitted by members are be priced based on the size of the part cut along with a per part fee. 

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