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Our multi-disciplined Innovations team is much more than just a rapid prototyping service bureau. We offer a broad range of physical problem-solving services tailored to fit your specific needs.

Our unmatched speed, flexible service offerings, and extended network of talent are designed to save you and your business time no matter your industry. 


We are dedicated to speeding up your iterative process when developing parts by offering quick turnaround and consistent communication.

Use Case: StrikerVR utilized our services to quickly iterate an internal component by printing an iteration daily and receiving real feedback until the final version was complete. Four iterations within one week allowed StrikerVR to maintain deadlines and move at a faster pace.


Our multi-disciplined team provides a broad range of offerings tailored to fit your specific needs. These flexible services include but aren’t limited to: holistic design, additive + traditional fabrication, and low volume fulfillment with a wide materials library fit for nearly any industry.

Use Case: TrayAway came to us with a highly complex part that was critical to the success of their product. Through 3D printing and vacuum-forming, we were able to produce a mount that wouldn’t have been able to be fabricated with traditional machining. 


One of the biggest benefits of working with Scale New Orleans is having access to our extended network of talent. Our team will connect you with manufacturers, specialists, and industry professionals relevant to your project needs.

Use case: Second Line Brewery came to us for a product development project that required extensive post-processing work. Through our network, we were able to finish the custom pieces with a chrome plating service located in the USA.

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