Rapid Prototyping + Problem Solving Services

Things break. Deadlines are tight. Quotas need to be met. Our in-house Innovations team can get you the parts you need in just a fraction of the average lead time. 

A huge perk of membership at Scale New Orleans is having exclusive access to our Innovations Team 3D printing services. Members get a 20% discount on all print orders and waived fees on rushed turnarounds.

Our Innovations team can get prototypes and end-use parts in your hands faster – usually just 1 business day – so you can innovate faster + better than the competition.

In addition to additive fabrication services, our Innovations team offers traditional CNC cutting services. Members get order queue priority and no required order minimum.

Parts submitted by members are be priced based on the size of the part cut along with a per part fee. 

Our multi-disciplined Innovations team is much more than just a rapid prototyping service bureau. We offer a broad range of physical problem-solving services tailored to fit your specific needs.

Our unmatched speed, flexible service offerings, and extended network of talent are designed to save you and your business time no matter your industry. 

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These quotes are only estimates. Our team will need to review your project for feasibility and additional charges may need to be added.