Stash your tracker!  This stash device is perfectly sized to conceal an AirTag so you can keep track of your bike at all times.

The Track-Stash was designed and made in New Orleans by a local cyclist, mechanic, and engineering student. The device is 3D-printed in durable nylon at Scale New Orleans located on Andrew Higgins, not in a high-polluting factory overseas.

It’s no secret that bike theft in New Orleans is an ongoing problem. Around 2,000 bikes are stolen in the city each year. Bike accessory companies have put out tracking attachments for bikes, but a majority of these are too obvious and can easily be removed. The installation location and the security top of the Track-Stash make it less apparent and more difficult to remove your tracker than similar products.

Track-Stash replaces the top cap on bicycles with 1 1/8″(28.6mm) threadless headsets. Use of the included M6 bolt or similar countersunk hardware is recommended for best fitment and internal clearance for enclosing a tracking device.
Purchase of the Track-Stash includes a two-part container, opening key, and M6 bolt. *AirTag/ Tracking Device is NOT included*